1. Organization

  • (a)  The Directorate of Publicity, headed by the Director (Publicity) functions under the mentorship of DG (Resettlement).  Dte of Publicity comprises of two sections, viz

    • (i) Publicity

    • (ii) Rajbhasha Implementation Cell

2. Charter of Duties

  • (a) This Directorate is responsible for projecting the policies, programmes and welfare schemes of Directorate General Resettlement.  Its role broadly includes the following:-

    • (i) To enhance the visibility of DGR in the environment through mass media such as print, audio, TV and social networking sites.

    • (ii) To participate in relevant outdoor events such as Employment Seminars and  Job Fairs, Veterans Day, DEFEXPO etc.

    • (iii) Conceptualising, printing and circulating different publicity material including Sainik Punarvas Patrika, Information Brochure, Leaflets, Posters, Calendars and Diaries in bilingual form.

    • (iv) Managing the DGR Twitter account.

    • (v) Advising the Director General Resettlement on publicity related matters.

3. Publicity Directorate is also responsible for implementation of the Official Language Act in respect of DGR.  Role of Rajbhasha Implementation Cell includes the following:-

  • (a) Quarterly reports on usage of Hindi in official work is obtained from all Directorates and quarterly meetings are held thereon.  

  • (b) Annual Hindi Pakhwada is held every September to encourage usage of Hindi.  

  • (c) All translation requirements of DGR.

  • (d) Attending all meetings of the Nagar Rajbhasha Karyanvyan Samiti (NARAKAS), Hindi Salahkar Samiti and Raksha Mantralaya Deptt of ESW Rajbhasha Karyanvyan Samiti.

  • (e) Organising Hindi Workshops to impart training in Rajbhasha for officials of DGR.  

  • (f) Coordinating inspections in DGR of Parliamentary Committee on Official Language.

  • (g) Training in Hindi.

4.  DGR Information Brochure (Jan 2019) - English Version 

5.  DGR Information Brochure (Jan 2019)- Hindi Version