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Prahri: Resettlement Scheme in Life Insurance Sector

The Directorate General of Resettlement has joined hands with Prahri to provide a career opportunity in the insurance industry to retired Armed Forces Personnel/War Widows/ Dependents. Prahri is DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd.'s (DPLI's) unique endeavor dedicated to serving the distinct insurance needs of Defence Service Personnel. The vision of Prahri is to secure and enrich the lives of personnel working with the Indian Armed Forces, by working with and through them

The DPLI Offer

  1. You become an employee of . the Prahri Channel at DLF Pramerica Life Insurance Company Ltd. (DPLI).
  2. You initiate and maintain relationships in the Cantonment and offer Life Insurance Products & Services to Armed Forces Personal.
  3. DPLI agrees to pay a fixed salary of Rs 9000/- per month to those appointed as "Trainee Officer Prahari" from day one. An added sum of Rs 500/- per month is payable as business development Allowance for first six months.
  4. Sales Incentives is based on the b usiness secured with no upper limit on earnings.
  5. Perks include permanent job with no restric tions based on age or ed ucation, regular education programs & certifications.
  6. 25 locations nationwide will increase to 62 locations in the future predominantly in the States of Punjab, Rajasthan, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, Haryana and Delhi.

DPLI Branches

Delhi (Pitampura)












Sri Ganga

Firozpur Jaipur











Offer is Open to

  1. Ex-Servicemen who have retired from, service, preferably after 2008.
  2. Widow
  3. Dependents
  4. Disabled ESMs
All candidates will have to mandatorily qualify the company's selection process.

Benefits of Joining Prahri

Stay Connected Put away your apprehensions of leaving the community that you have been a part of for so many years. You will be associated with the Armed Forces family while working with DPLI as you will be serving their insurance needs.

Give Back to Your Community This will be your chance to give back to the community that has given you so much over the years. By providing the necessary insurance to the Armed Forces personnel and their families you will be putting their fears of financial insecurity to rest.

Rewards & Recognition As part of your work you will be eligible to take part in our Reward & Recognition program which could qualify you for gifts / conventions in foreign locations.

Get Professional Training Professional trainers will help you get the operational market advantage by providing you with a.n extensive training and equipping you with an adequate understanding of the requirements of the job.

A New Direction

Taking up a second innings with Prahri will definitely provide you with a new direction and purpose. This special opportunity allows you to remain

Equal Opportunity With no restrictions connected with your community and at the concerning age and education, you will have equal opportunity as other professionals in the corporate world to grow and prosper.

Preferred Status By virtue of having been a part of the Armed Forces, you are our preferred candidate for Team Prahri. same time, you would be in a position to make a significant impact to this unique community by insuring the lives of the pro ectors of the nation.