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Security Agency Update : DGR aims at fast-tracking the process of prepration of Empanelment Certificate(SA) to registered ESM ( Offrs) after 31 May 2020. Towards this , kindly E-mail your requisite documents ( in one lot only) to concerned state JD under intimation to respective DRZs to enable us to scrutinize them and economy of time for issue action during visit to DGR (i.e after 31 May 20).

Flash News

  • In view of outbreak of COVID-19/corona virus issue of empanelment certificates for all DGR schemes have been suspended till 31 May 2020. Fresh orders on the subject shall be issued on/by 31 May 2020
  • Visitors not allowed in DGR/DRZ office till further orders due to a/m reason. 
  • Security Agency Update : DGR aims at fast-tracking the process of prepration of Empanelment Certificate(SA) to registered ESM ( Offrs) after 31 May 2020. Towards this , kindly E-mail your requisite documents ( in one lot only) to concerned state JD under intimation to respective DRZs to enable us to scrutinize them and economy of time for issue action during visit to DGR (i.e after 31 May 20).



  1. Flash News - Kindly browse through ‘all pages’ to know ‘the latest’.
  2. Details of DGR sponsored Welfare Schemes, Pre- release/ Training Courses (PRC), policy letters are contained in DGR website (www.dgrindia.com) and DGR sponsored events in Twitter (www. twitter.com/@dgrindia).
  3. Entry and Exit Rule for DGR Schemes: Refer MoD letter No 29(120)/2018/D(Res-I) dated 31 Jul 2018 (CLICK To VIEW)
  4. Plan your ‘STATE’ for availing security agency scheme by evaluating the status of ‘operational’ & ‘wait listed’ agencies i.e. to calculate the ‘waiting period’.
  5. While opting for a Coal scheme, appreciate the ‘waiting period’ vis-à-vis other schemes.
    • (a) ESM (Offrs) including on RE-EMPLOYMENT are required to register online on DGR website (www.dgrindia.com). Officers can register with DGR any day after their retirement (albeit before attaining 59 years of age) and do not have to wait for culmination of their re-employment tenure (i.e 2 years for Brig and 4 years for others).
    • (b) The Registration / Empanelment process entails 3 x Steps:
      • i) Step 1 – On registration, the system auto generates a 5 digit “Acknowledgement Number” on uploading 3 x documents i.e. PPO, Release Order and Veterans ID card
      • ii) Step 2 – Issue of a ‘Registration Number’ from DGR (i.e. after an internal Board of Officers by DGR)
      • iii) Step 3 – ‘Empanelment’ with DGR for sponsorship of applied re-settlement scheme (subject to fulfillment of instructions/submission of requisite documents for the scheme opted by the Applicant)
    • (c) Retired officers are required to upload the following mandatory documents, failing which their system generated ‘ACKNOWLEDGEMENT NUMBER’ will be auto cancelled during the verification process and they will be required to re-register online to get a new ‘Acknowledgement Number’ (this is to facilitate documentation process of DGR records):-
      • i) Release order (all pages)
      • ii) PPO (Pension Pay Order)
      • iii) Veterans ID card  -  CSD card(only for 'Re-employed' officers).
      • iv) All three mandatory documents must be uploaded simultaneously during online registration process and not ‘piece meal’ to avoid rejection of the application
    • (d) There is no requirement of online registration for availing “General Employment Scheme ”
    • (e) Officers in their last year of service i.e. prior to ‘superannuation’ can apply directly with Emp Dte DD (EMP-3) for General Employment.
    • (f) General Employment (except for Employment in KSB/ RSB/ZSB / ECHS) will not be counted as a benefit availed from DGR for the purpose of applying for a change in any other DGR Scheme.
  7. DGR Job Fair Schedule for FY 2019/20: As follows:-
    • (a) Ahmadabad (IA) - 23 Aug 2019 (Friday)
    • (b) Chandigarh (IAF) - 11 Oct 2019 (Friday)
    • (c) Pune (IAF) - 16 Oct 2019 (Wednesday)
    • (d) Chennai (IN) - 22 Nov 2019 (Friday)
    • (e) Kolkata (IA) - 29 Nov 2019 (Friday)
    • (f) Bengaluru (IAF) - 19 Feb 2020 (Wednesday)
    • (g) Jaipur (IA) - 28 Feb 2020 (Friday)
    • (h) Lucknow (IA) - 06/27 Mar 2020 - cancelled
  8. Job fair Schedule for 2020/21 (Tentative Schedule, subject to containment of 'Corona virus' spread):-

                    (a)  Goa (Navy)               -  May/June 2020

                    (b)  Hyderabad (IAF)      -  July/Aug 2020

                    (c)  Chennai (Army)       -  Aug/Sep 2020

                    (d)  Kolkata (Army)        -  Sep/Oct 2020

                    (e)  Lucknow (Army)      -  Oct/Nov 2020

                    (f)  Mumbai (Navy)         -  Oct/Nov 2020

                    (g) Chandigarh (IAF)      -  Jan/Feb 2021

                    (h)  Bengaluru (Army)    - Jan/Feb 2021

        9.  Open Forum/ Interaction with DGR Officials (Two Days) - with effect from 01 June 2019, visitors day in DGR has been fixed on Thursday (A/N) from 1400 hrs to 1700 hrs and Friday (F/N) from 1000 hrs to 1300 hrs. There will be no  rollover of DGR day/ open forum in case of Thursday/ Friday being a holiday(s).



  1. Resettlement Training Courses for Officers for FY 2019 / 20
  2. Resettlement Training Courses for JCOs/OR & Equivalent for FY 2019 / 20.
  3. Approved Training Schedule for FY 2019 / 20 has been uploaded in DGR website under Training Directorate.
  4. RFPs for Invitation of Bids for DGR sponsored Resettlement Training programme for FY 2020-21 & 2021-22 for retiring/ retired Officers/ JCOs/ OR & their equivalents of the Indian Armed Forces" have been e-published on Defence Procurement Portal (Defproc). Interested Institutes are requested to submit their e-bids by due date and Time.
    • a) RFPs may be downloaded from the below links: -  
      • i) To conduct NSQF Complied skill development training programmes at Institutions for retiring and retired JCOs / OR & their Equivalents in Indian Navy and Indian Air Force
      • ii) To Conduct Govt Approved Management Training Programmes for courses to be included in DGR Resettlement Training Programme 2020-21 & 2021-22 for Retiring/ Retired Officers of the Indian Armed Force
  5. Approval of Training Courses for Officer/JCO's-OR and Equivalent for FY 2020/21 is still awaited.  
      1.  DGR had been organising and conducting Resettlement Training Courses at IIMs / similar Premiere Management Institutes for officers and at various Central / State Govt and Private Institutes pan India for JCOs / OR and their equivalents in Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.   Till last year Training Institutes were selected through a BOO constituting members from Service HQ, MoD, IFA and board proceedings used to be approved by Secy, ESW. 
      2. For the first time in the history of Resettlement Training, for the Financial Year 2020 / 21, selection of Training Institutes is being done through Open Tender Enquiry using a    two-bid RFP system.   The case file for selection of Training Institutes is still under progress through the office of IFA. 
      3. On completion of selection of Training Institutes, preparation of Training Calendar, Expenditure Angle Sanction by CFA through IFA and actual conduct of courses would require a lead time of approximately four months. It is, therefore, intimated that the earliest the Resettlement Training Courses can commence for the FY 2020 / 21 is in the month of August/September.   Any further delay in selection of Training Institutes would accordingly shift the commencement dates.   Also, Training Institutes accepting our proposals at this belated stage is also uncertain. 



  1. Refer Para 15 (b) of MoD OM – DGR New Delhi will issue 'Empanelment certificate' for a duration of three (03) Years or upto the age of 60 years (whichever is earlier) and will be renewed based on compliance of MoD OM and other Govt. directives.
  2. Following documents / details will produced at the time of issuance / renewal of empanelment certificate (in original):-
    • (a) Aadhaar Card
    • (b) PAN card
    • (c) ESM Identity card
    • (d) Copy of PSARA license
    • (e) Affidavit for security agency scheme (Original)
    • (f) Current Bank Account in the name of agency (Copy of pass-book duly attested)
    • (g) Proof of office (Copy of Rent Agreement / Ownership documents & Landline Bill)
    • (h) Mobile number & Email ID
  3. 'Empanelment Certificate' has to be collected by the Applicant himself from the office of DGR,deviation if any will require approval of the DG(R).
  4. In case the Empanelment Certificate is issued (subject to receipt of all requisite/ mandated documents) within 30 days of the date of PSARA, seniority will be fixed as per issue date of PSARA. However, in case the Empanelment Certificate is issued after one month of date of issue of PSARA, (subject to receipt of all requisite/ mandated documents) then seniority will be fixed as per the date of Issue of Empanelment Certificate.
  5. Applicants for DGR Security Agency are advised to obtain the PSARA license for the entire State (NOT 'Limited PSARA ' that restricts operations to a few districts within that State ) chosen for operations. Agencies not in possession of PSARA for the entire State will not be considered for sponsorship by DGR.
  6. All proprietors of DGR empanelled Security Agencies are to appear in person for downloading their “26AS” in the office of the concerned Joint Director at DGR/DRZ’s. The particulars and requisition of the concerned Joint Director is available on DGR website.
  7. State ESM Corporations : For renewal of Empanelment please provide the details of all Security Contracts currently running and contracts undertaken during the expired period of empanelment (i.e. with CPSE's and State PSU's) within and outside the Parent State (refer para 23 (b) of MoD OM).
  8. Ref Para 5 (e) MoD OM, All DGR Empanelled Security Agencies are instructed to submit a fresh “Affidavit” (Format available on DGR website) by 01 Dec 2018 positively.
  9. All DGR Empanelled Security Agencies to mandatorily give the “Letter of Appointment” (Format available on DGR website) to all their existing guards.



  1. Vacancies for Employment Assistance:-
  2. Class-V ‘B’ Army Surplus Vehicle Scheme – No ‘rpt No’ fresh registration for allotment of Class-V ‘B’ Army Surplus Vehicle scheme being carried out through DGR as this scheme is under review for closure {issue taken up by DESW (MoD) with IHQ of MoD (Army)/MGO Br}.