Flash News

  1. Officers Training Programme for FY 2018-19
  2. Regarding Issuance of Modified Proforma 'B' and 'D' for ESM of Army For Applying to Civil Posts in Banks
  3. Tentative Resettlement Training Programme of JCOs/ ORs/ Equivalent from Aug 18 to Nov 18
  4. REVISION OF ENTRY & EXIT RULES FOR DGR’S SCHEME - 29(120)/2018/D(Res-I) dated 31 Jul 2018
  5. Resettlement Training Programme for Officers for FY 2018-19
  6. The Course no.007-09-18 (Business Management) is postponed from 24 Sep 18 to 08 Oct 18.  The new dates of course are 08 Oct 18 to 22 Mar 18.
  7. Online Registration  commences at 1300 Hrs on 15 Sep 2018
  8.  All DGR Empanelled Security agency Proprietors (Pending for Downloading of Form AS 26) are advised to visit DGR on any working wednesday for downloading of AS 26 latest by 30 Sep 2018 failing which provisions of Para 26 of MoD OM will be initiated.
  9. JCOs/OR Resettlement Training Programme for Dec 18 to Mar 19
  10. Course No. 012-11-18 Entrepreneurship Course in Adventure Activities. Scheduled  to be Conducted at NIMS Dirang Stands Cancelled 
  11.  (i)       Further to DGR Letter No. 0049/DGR/E&R Cell Dated 07 May 2018, All DGR Empanelled Security Agencies to follow the under mentioned instructions:-

              (a)           Ref Para 5 (e) MoD OM, All DGR Empanelled Security Agencies are instructed to submit a fresh “Affidavit” (Format  available on DGR website) by 01 Dec 2018 positively.  

              (b)           All DGR Empanelled Security Agencies to mandatorily give the “Letter of Appointment” (Format available on DGR website) to all their existing guards by 01 Dec 2018 and forward a consolidated soft copy of the same to DGR. The agencies to adopt the same for all future appointments of Guards for performance of duties at various Principal employers.

             (c)          Revised format of “Quarterly Strength Return”  (Format  available on DGR website) to be adopted henceforth.

    2.         All agencies failing to comply with the above instructions by 01 Dec will not be considered for any new sponsorship and the provisions of para 26 of MoD OM will be invoked.

  12.  Air India Limited - Assistant Controllers Interview
  13. The Expression of Interest for the year 2019-20 & 2020-21
  14. "The Last Date for Submission of EoI (for the Year 2019-20 & 2020-21) is 2 Jan 2019
  15. Appointment of pan india retail outlet (petrol pump) dealerships.