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#   Title Hyperlink for status
1.   Make Your CV  
  a. Resume Template Army VIEW
  b. Resume Template Navy VIEW
    Archives of Trg Dte  
1.   Placement Assured Training (PAT) Scheme VIEW
2.   Information for Training Institutes  
  a. Format for obtaining Data from training Institutes VIEW
  b. Agreement Format - Officers Training VIEW
  c. Agreement Format - JCOs/OR Training at Institute VIEW
  d. Guidelines for conduct of Courses at Regimental Centres VIEW
  e. Agreement Format - Regimental Centre Courses VIEW
  f. Specimen for Course Certificate VIEW
  g. Format for DBT data on Excel Sheet ( to be forwarded as soft copy) VIEW
3.   Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Training Scheme  
  a. ESM Training Scheme VIEW
  b. JCOs & OR Application Format VIEW
4.   Resettlement Training Programmes  
  a. Syllabi for Courses VIEW
  b. 24 Weeks Business Management Course and Independent Director Course at Govt Institute for FY 2017-18 VIEW
5.   Expression of Interest for JCOs/OR Courses - 2016-17 & 2017-18 VIEW
6.   SMU Offer VIEW
7.   Resettlement Training Programme for FY 2017-18  
  a. Resettlement Course programme for JCOs/OR for the FY 2017-18 VIEW
  b. Re-settlement Training Programme of Officers for FY 2017-18 VIEW
  c. Additional 02 weeks Independent Director Course of Officers for FY 2017-18 VIEW
8. a. Officer_Course_for_FY_2018_19 VIEW
  (i) Additional Resettlement Training Programme for Officer for FY 2018-19 VIEW
  b. JCOs&OR Trg Prgm Jun 18 to Aug 18 VIEW
  c. Tentative Resettlement Training Programme of JCOs/ ORs/ Equivalent from Aug 18 to Nov 18  
  d. Proposed courses for JCOs/ ORs/ Equivalent from Aug 18 to Nov 18 are available at Srl No. 4 (c) under Training Directorate VIEW
  e. JCOs/OR Resettlement Training Programme for Dec 18 to Mar 19 VIEW
  f. Address & Contacts Details of the Training Institutes VIEW