Security Agency Guidelines:
54. An ESM security guard has been equated with a semi-skilled worker.  The wage structure has been worked out based on salary payable to a semi-skilled worker as per the minimum wages Act of Delhi as revised from time to time.  For calculation of wages for different categories of security personnel, wages of a guard have been taken as ‘D’ which is Minimum Wage + VDA (variable dearness allowance) to work out basic pay of other personnel as follows: -
a. Security Guard - ‘D’
b. Security Guard (Armed) - 1.24 D (24% higher)
c. Security Supervisor - 1.33 D (33% higher)
d. Assistant Security Officer - 1.7 D (70% higher)
e. Security Officer - 5 times of ‘D’ (Consolidated)
f. Chief Security Officer - 7 times of ‘D’ (Consolidated)
g. Additional Allowance payable - Remote/disturbed areas/Coal Fields: 20% of ‘D’

Security guards when from       outside the station (Municipal limits/District.)Additional 5% of ‘D’.
h. Accounts Clerk. - 1.5 D. Mandatory for all contracts
55. The rates for horse mounted and canine guard (with effect from) are given below:-
a. Horse mounted guards -

Rs. 17500/- for each guard including expenditure on maintenance of horse

b. Canine guard - Rs. 10,000/- each guard including maintenance of dog