Security Agency Guidelines:
51. General. The wage structure is based on minimum wages promulgated by Govt of NCT of Delhi Labour Dept and amended from time to time. As the payment of minimum wages is a legal requirement, the employer and security agencies are advised to comply with the wages promulgated under these instructions. Details of wage structure are given in subsequent paragraphs. The wage structure with effect from 01 Feb 2007 is given at appendix .S..
52. The policy for payment of Pay + VDA to the ESM in Central Govt Departments/Central Govt PSUs with effect from 01 February 2007 will be as under:-
  1. All ESM to be paid in the category of 'semi skilled' workers.
  2. At all Central Govt PSUs/departments throughout the country:-
    Payment at par with Delhi states minimum wages rate as revised from time to time, as given in Appendix 'S'. State Government notified minimum wages will be paid if the state wages are higher than that of Delhi state minimum wages
  3. At any State Govt/ private sector job at any part of the country:-
    State Govt minimum wages as applicable to semi skilled workers in that state or 80% of Delhi state minimum wages, whichever is higher. Delhi state minimum wages are given at appendix 'S'.
53. Transport for checking of guards/disbursement of salary will be provided by Principal Employer.