Security Agency Guidelines:
37. Agencies will be removed from the panel of DGR under the following conditions: -
  1. Once the agency has achieved the quota of guards or if the director attains the age of 65 years whichever is earlier. In any case sponsorship/ responsorship will not be done beyond 63/64 years of age (Refer paras 20(d) and 20(j) (i)) In case of ESM Pvt Ltd Company, the age of youngest director will be considered.
  2. Violation of individual declaration by the applicant, giving any false declaration or non-adherence to DGR guidelines.
  3. Repeatedly not responding (maximum two reminders) to correspondence or defaulting in submitting the required information/Reports and Returns to the DGR for a year. Return of two sponsorship letters/not responding to Principal Employer on two consecutive sponsorships/on being summoned.
  4. Violation of clauses of MOU given at Appendix ‘B’ and incorporated at the time of forming the company.
  5. Non-employment of a minimum of 90 percent ESM.  Non-employment of 100 percent ESM in corporations on Guard duties only within their own state. On all other employment like computer finance etc, dependants/Non ESM may be employed as a placement service.
  6. Any incidents of malpractice including sub-letting of agency or the contract to another person or agency.
  7. Violation of any provision of these instructions, especially those related to wages. Any agency which under-quotes the wages including allowances or the service charges while submitting the tender, or does not pay wages to the guards as per the wage structure will be liable for disempanelled. On committing of any offence such as quoting incorrect wages at tendering process when proved will automatically render an agency’s sponsorship to be suspended up to six months from the date of issuance of show cause notice.
  8. If a proprietor has got empanelled for an individual proprietorship and has without the knowledge of the DGR joined another private DGR empanelled private limited company, such agencies will be disempanelled.
38. The decision of the DGR in this regard will be final and binding.