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     - SYLLABUS 

Kendriya Sainik Board:
Concessions & Benefits : General
1. Cash grant to the winners of Gallantry Awards. (Appendix 'E').
2. Financial assistance to deserving cases of ex-Servicemen and their dependents with medical allowance.
3. Free out door/medical treatment to ex-Servicemen and members of their families in Govt hospitals, dispensaries and medical institutions in the State.
4. Exemption from payment of cost of application fee, examination fees for class III and IV posts.
5. Concessions by the GIDC to ex-Servicemen for establishment of SSI Units in GIDC Industrial Estate on priority basis.
6. Grant of special casual leave for medical treatment to disabled ex-Servicemen.
7. Protection of pay and allowances to the reservists ex-Servicemen.
8. Free legal aid and legal advice is given to all serving/ex-Defence personnel at Taluk, Distt. and State level upto income limit of Rs.20,000/- and widow of jawans irrespective of income limit who is domiciled in Gujarat State.
9. 10% reservation of houses for Defence personnel by Gujarat Housing Board. 2 gunthas of land for house-sites for ex-Servicemen whose monthly income is upto Rs.3,000/- excluding pension.
10. Reservation of seats in different educational institutions for the children/dependents of Defence personnel are as under :-
  1. 1 percent reservation of seats in Engg Colleges, Polytechnic, Pharmacy Degree/Diploma and BBA in Sourashtra University.
  2. 25 percent of seats reserved for admission in Sainik School Balachadi, Jamnagar.
  3. 2 seats are reserved in B.Ed course in the M.S. University at Baroda and Homeopathic College.
  4. 1 percent reservation in hostel attached to Govt. Institutions.
  5. Maximum 10 seats are reserved in each ITI in the State.
11. A Sainik Rest House at Rajkot.
12. Exemption of tuition fee for dependents of ex-Servicemen upto college level whose income is Rs.10,000/- per year.
13. Financial assistance of Rs.200/- p.m. is given to those who are supportless, over 60 years and whose yearly income is less than Rs.4,500/- per annum.
14. 10 and 20 percent reservation in Group 'C' and 'D' posts respectively in SPUSs, Panchayat and Gujarat Civil Services.
15. Priority for allotment of Fair Price Shops and Industrial plots/sheds and Jai Jawan Stalls.
16. Military Boys Hostel at Vadodara - capacity 32, free boarding and subsidised lodging.
17. One free maternity bed at Rasul Khan Zanana Hospital at Rajkot.
18. Two free beds for ex-Servicemen suffering from T.B. in K.J. Mehta T.B. Hospital, Songarh, Bhavnagar.
19. Pay fixation on re-employment and other ancillary benefits in State Govt.
20. Grant of house building advance to re-employed ex-Servicemen and counting of past service for this purpose.
21. Provision for vacation of rented house.
22. Stipend upto Rs.1,900/- p.a. to children of ex-Servicemen of ITI.
23. Scholarship to children and cash award to brilliant children of ex-Servicemen, limited to two children whose family income is upto Rs.75,000/- per year.
24. Financial assistance for serious diseases like cancer, paralysis, heart diseases, kidney removal/transplant.
25. Matriculate ex-Servicemen with 15 years service treated as a graduate.
26. Lump sum grants for two daughters marriage - Rs.7,000/- to ex-Servicemen whose income does not exceed Rs.3,000/- and Rs.10,000/- to widows of ex-Servicemen irrespective of their income.
27. Issue of Route Permit/National Permit.
28. Monthly financial assistance of Rs. 550/- p.m. and medical allowance of Rs.75/- p.m. whose income is less than Rs.12,000/- p.a.
29. Students undergoing Diploma courses being given Rs.1,000/- per year as hostel charges if staying on their own and 50% of charges of those who are staying in Govt hostels.
30. Special provision for termination of tenancy of Agriculture land held by members of the Armed Forces.
31. Stipend upto Rs.250/- p.m. for service personnel who joined pre-release training.
32. Maintenance grant of Rs.900/- p.m. for training at QMTI, Kirkee Pune.
33. Special provision regarding age limit for employment to ex-Servicemen. Age relaxation by deduction of three years and the years of service from actual age.
34. 25 percent reservation vacancies in Veterinary service. (Animal Husbandry services) Class I & II which are filled by direct selection.
35. Concessions by National Textile Corporation (Gujarat) Ltd subsidiary of NTC (A Govt of India Undertaking):-
  1. Employment opportunities to be given to war widows/widows of ex-Servicemen wherever possible in the mills, subject only to the local trade union not objecting to the same.
  2. The existing price concession on cloth in NTC(G) retail shops mills as well as HO be extended to bonafide ex-Servicemen.
36. Emergency and short service commission officers fixation of pay in the civil posts on appointment to unreserved vacancies.
37. Funeral expenses upto Rs.1,000/- is given to indigent widows of ex-Servicemen.
38. Financial assistance for cataract operation and spectacles upto Rs.3,000/- to ex-Servicemen/their wives/widows.
39. Financial assistance upto Rs.1,000/- to ex-Servicemen/ wives/widows requiring hearing aid.
40. Monthly financial assistance of Rs.700/- plus Rs.75/- medical allowance to blind ex-Servicemen.
41. Rent Control Act and Land Tenancy Act amended in favour of ex-Servicemen/widows/ dependents.

War Widows/Dependents Of Those Killed/Disabled In War Including Casualties Of Op Pawan & Meghdoot

42. Ex-gratia grants - Rs.5,000/- to ex-servicemen who are permanently disabled/dependents of those killed in action and Rs.2,500/- to ex-Servicemen with partial disability.
43. Grants of surplus land upto 16 acres to war widows (16 acres land for self cultivation and 2 gunthas land for construction of house by respective DC to Defence Personnel who are domiciled in Gujarat State).
44. Monthly financial aid.
45. Grant for purchase of sewing machine.
46. Concession for appointment to Class III and IV posts to son/daughter/near relative of war widow.
47. Direct recruitment to class III and IV for upto two members of the family of Defence Personnel killed or severely disabled in action without registration at employment exchange.
48. House building/repair grant Rs.7,500/-.
49. Grant to war widows for marriage of their daughters upto Rs. 10,000/-.
50. Free Education to the dependents.
Op Vijay
51. Ex-gratia grant of Rs 5 lakhs to NOKs of martyred Defence Personnel.
52. Land for agricultural activities upto 16 acres to the NOKs of martyrs of OP VIJAY irrespective of his rank and tenure of service.
53. 2 gunthas land for construction of house for NOKs of OP VIJAY martyrs in urban areas.
54. Preparation of Kargil package by the State Govt is also underway.