- SCHEDULE 2017-18 
     - SCHEDULE 2016 
     - SYLLABUS 

Kendriya Sainik Board:
Concessions & Benefits : General
1. Reservation of one seat each in the following colleges/courses for children of ex-Servicemen. Medical and Dental Colleges, B. Pharm, B.Arch, Nursing and ITI (one each). 2 seats in BE. 10 (various discipline) seats are reserved in Polytechnic.

2. An award of Rs 300/- is granted for students who stands in the merit list in SSC/HSSC/CBSE Exam conducted in GOA.
3. An award of Rs 500/- is granted to the wards of ESM representing Goa State in School Sports.
4. Scholarship / Award / Incentive to the wards of ESM / Dependent as per the new scheme for parents in the above/below income group.
5. Reimbursement of fees expended on courses like IAS, IFS, NDA, IPS, IRS, GPSC etc. held at recognised institutes.
6. Stipend of Rs.250/- p.m. to ex-Servicemen trainees in ITIs.
7. Cash Award is provided to meritorious students and outstanding sportsmen.
8. Exemption from payment of application/examination fees for ex-Servicemen and family members of those killed/disabled in action for recruitment in State Civil Service.
9. Financial assistance of Rs 1200/- p.m. is given to World War II Veterans / widows of veterans or others who are not in receipt of pension.
10. A grant of Rs 200/- provided to non-pensioners above the age of 65.
11. Monthly grant or Lumpsum grant provided to the bereaved families of jawans killed / wounded / missing or Indian Boarders since the year 1962 and who are registered in the state of Goa.
12. Grant of Rs.4,000/- for marriage of daughter of ex-Servicemen.
13. Financial assistance upto Rs.500/- p.m. is given to ex-Servicemen/widow of ex-Servicemen who are not in receipt of pension and in indigent circumstances.
14. A House Repair grant to a maximum of Rs 5,000/- is provided for special cases.
15. Free medical treatment of ex-Servicemen in Govt hospitals.
16. Funeral Grant of Rs 3000/- is provided to needy and deserving cases.
17. Medical Reimbursement of Expenses for ESM / widows as per income criteria.
18. Special Medical Reimbursement for serious diseases, like Cancer, Kidney, Renal, TB, Leprosy, Heart, By pass surgery etc @ Rs 5,000/-.
19. Reimbursement of miscellaneous medical expenses incurred on purchases of the items/Services*
20. Free legal aid for ex-Servicemen/widows. Exemption from entertainment tax for cinema tickets.
21. Reservation of 2 percent posts in Group 'C' & 'D'
22. 2 percent reservation for house sites and houses for ex-Servicemen. Priority in allotment of Fair Price Shops.
23. Rent Control Act amended to enable ex-Servicemen to get rented houses back for their bonafide use.
24. Subsidy on interest as decided from time to time on loans taken by ESM from financial institutions for Small Scale Industries / Agro Industries.
25. Free travel in Kadamba Transport Corporation buses within Goa State to World War-II veterans, Widows, handicapped/disabled ESM.
26. NOKs of all martyrs will be issued Green Card which enables them to priority treatment in all Govt Deptts/offices for their administrative work.
27. Rates of cash grant given to Gallantry/Distinguished Service Award winners. (Appendix ‘E’)
28. A sum of Rs.1000/- or Rs.500/- is eligible as spot payment of immediate relief by the Chief Secretary/Secretary, DSW.
29. A one time grant known as a War Jagir Allowance of Rs.1000/- is provided to parents of the wards, who join any of the three Defence Services in any rank.
30. A lump-sum grant of Rs.5000/- is eligible for the New of Kin on Death of pensioner.
31. To encourage ex-Servicemen/Widows to carry out Self Employment venture through ownership of Small Scale Enterprise a sum of Rs.10000/- may be provided as one time measure as per the scheme.
32. To encourage Govt/Public Sector servants and Goans, an amount of Rs.2000/- is eligible for any candidate who join the Territorial Army as Officer Rank and Rs.1000/- who joins as Personnel Below Officer Rank.
33. A sum of Rs. 5000/- as one time grant may be eligible to ex-Servicemen who are domicile in the State on reaching the age of 75 years.
34. A grant of Rs.300/-p.m. is provided to wards of ex-Servicemen who are destitute/ disabled/handicapped.
35. A sum of Rs.10000/- may be reimbursed on production of legal bills from the Lawyer, Income Certificate and other documents proof, from the concerned Authorities.
36. Partial expenses in case of serious diseases like, Cancer, TB, Leprosy, Heart Ailments, Kidney failure, etc is reimbursed, based on merits of the case.
37. A sum of Rs.5000/- may be eligible as reimbursement to ex-Servicemen, Widows/Spouse for Travel/Incidental Expenses moving from local hospital to out station hospital.
38. A sum of Rs.500/- p.m. may be eligible as pocket money for Cancer, TB, Leprosy patients.
39. Reimbursement of expenses in full or partial amount is admissible on purchase of items like Spectacles, Hearing Aids, Hernia Belt, Collar for spondilytis patients, Cataract lenses etc. on production of Income Certificate from the Block Development Officer.
40. The ex-Servicemen/Widows undergoing courses recognised by the Directorate General Resettlement may reimburse 50% expenditure on courses fees subject to maximum of Rs.3000/- per head per course.
41. A cash award of Rs.500/- is granted to the wards of ex-Servicemen/Widows representing Goa State in School/National/International Sports Tournaments.
42. A 3% reserved quota is available for Fair Price Shop to ex-Servicemen.
43. There is a reservation quota of 2% for allotment of house sites/houses to ex-Servicemen and their families by the Goa Housing Board.

Dependents Of Defence Personnel Who Killed/ Disabled In Action

44. Ex-Gratia grant of Rs.5 lac to the NOK of deceased soldiers and Rs.1 lac to the disabled soldier.
45. A job to one eligible family member of the deceased or permanently disabled as per educational qualification.
46. Free education upto graduation level to the children of the personnel killed/permanently disabled.