- SCHEDULE 2017-18 
     - SCHEDULE 2016 
     - SYLLABUS 

Kendriya Sainik Board:
Concessions & Benefits : General
1. Cash awards to the winners of Gallantry Awards. (Appendix ‘E’)
2. Educational grants to the wards of Defence personnel killed or missing or disabled during hostilities or at high altitude due to adverse climatic conditions ranging from Rs. 30/- to Rs. 700/-
3. Financial assistance to ex-Servicemen/widows without sufficient means.
4. Scholarship to children at the Rashtriya Indian Military college, Dehradun. Sainik Schools & Punjab Public School, Nabha.
5. Waste land of Armed Forces Personnel will not be taken over under utilisation of Land Acts.
6. Exemption from payment of HPSC fees.
7. Exemption from medical examination fee on first entry to Govt. Service.
8. Exemption of House Tax when occupied by self.
9. Preference to ex-Servicemen for Ration Depots.
10. Free treatment in State Govt hospitals provided annual income is upto Rs. 12,000/- p.a.
11. Soldiers are exempted from the levy of Entertainment Duty.
12. Building and lands used as Sainik Rest Houses are exempted from property tax.
13. War Jagir allowance @ Rs. 5,000/- per annum enhanced by State Govt of the parents of only son or two more sons who served in armed Forces during 1962 or 1971 emergencies.
14. Provision for recovery of commercial buildings for bonafide use.
15. The recipients of Gallantry Awards are permitted to stay in Haryana Bhawan.
16. Financial grant for tuition fees/free coaching, boarding and lodging to children of ex-Servicemen/serving personnel for various competitive examinations, like IAS, PIS, HSC etc.
17. Reservation of 5 percent posts in Group I & II and 15 percent in Group III and IV posts for ex-Servicemen. Reserved vacancies are being carried forward for two years. Age relaxation for ex-Servicemen to the extent of his Military Service + 3 years. Ex-Servicemen/their dependents candidates sponsored against reserved vacancies by RSBs/ZSBs are allowed free travel in Haryana Roadways buses for attending the interview.
18. Free training in vocational trades to war widows/dependents in PANCHKULA, CHACHRAULI, HISAR, DADRI, REWARI and ROHTAK alongwith grant on monthly stipend/messing allowance and for male ward of war widows at JHAJJAR and JIND.
19. Stipend of Rs. 150/- p.m. for vocational training of ex-Servicemen in ITIs.
20. Financial assistance to Orphan children of ex-Servicemen @ Rs. 450/- p.m.
21. Financial assistance to widows of ex-Servicemen at the time of death of their husbands Rs. 2,000/-
22. Old age pension of Rs. 200/- p.m. w.e.f. 1.4.94 to ex-Servicemen above 60 years and widows of ex-Servicemen not in receipt of service/family pension. World War Veterans are given financial assistance of Rs. 200/- p.m.
23. There are 30 Sainik Rest Houses in Haryana. (Appendix ‘C’)
24. 10 percent reservation of Houses, national permits and Residential Plots.
25. Two free bus travel passes to war widows in a month upto pension office.
26. Exemption from levy of Sales Tax.
27. Re-acquisition of houses of ex-Servicemen. Land Tenancy Act also amended.
28. Rent Control Act has been amended for self occupation.
29. 1 percent reservation in all Educational/Professional Institutions.
30. Financial assistance to blind ex-Servicemen @ Rs. 450/- p.m.
31. Financial assistance to paraplegic/teraplegic ex-Servicemen @ 600/- p.m.
32. Sanad and sticks together with Rs. 500/- ex-Servicemen in appreciation of their good work done in the Distt.
33. Stipend to children of ex-servicemen from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 300/- p.m.
34. Cash award of Rs. 2,500/- to officers and Rs. 1,500/- to JCOs/Ors of TA for meritorious service.
35. Pocket money @ Rs. 100/- p.m. to the patients of TB and Leprosy, getting treatment in recognised sanatoria.
36. Grant of financial assistance @ Rs. 200/- p.m. to disabled ex-Servicemen whose disability is not even attributable to Armed Forces Services and who are not in receipt any type of pension/financial assistance from and source.
37. Financial assistance of Rs. 2,500/- is provided to ex-Servicemen/widows for marriage of their daughter/s
38. Additional pension to widows and children of Defence personnel who died while in service ranging from Rs. 50/- to Rs. 300/-.
39. Interest subsidy on loan amounts ranging from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 2,00,000/-.
40. Pension to recipients of Victoria Cross awardees @ Rs. 1,000/- p.m.
41. Pension to the recipients of Param Vir Chakra @ Rs. 1,000/- p.m.
42. Free coaching boarding and lodging for wards of serving personnel and ex-Servicemen for career guidance courses for recruitment in Armed Forces and admission in professional courses.
43. Army ITI at Ambala Cantt has been established w.e.f. 01 Aug 98 for retiring Armed Forces personnel and ex-Servicemen.
44. 5 Beds in Civil Hospitals namely Charkhi Dadri, Narnaul, Rewari and Karnal are reserved for ex-Servicemen and their families.
War Widows/Dependents Of Those Killed/Disabled In War Including Op Vijay
  1. Ex-gratia grant to war widows/disabled soldiers*
  2. Families of P. O. W. will be granted lump sum ex-gratia Rs. 10,000/- + Rs. 1,000/- per minor/dependent child.
  3. Personnel missing in operations : Families given ex-gratia Rs. 10,000/-lump sum Rs. 1,000/- per minor/dependent child.
46. Employment on priority basis upto two dependents.
47. Financial assistance for Construction/repair of house to war widows/100 percent disabled ex-servicemen Rs. 20,000/-.
48. Free education upto 3 children upto degree class.
49. Daughter’s marriage of war widows/war disabled/orphans grant Rs. 6,000/-.
50. Educational stipends for children ranging from Rs. 25/- to Rs. 700/-.
51. Exemption of ‘Parchi’ fee in hospital.
52. Priority allotment of Jai Jawan Stalls to war disabled ex-Servicemen.
53. Employment will be given to one family member of Martyr who have laid down his life in Kargil in ‘Operation Vijay’.
54. One or two additional seats will be provided in various courses run by Universities for the next of kin of the martyrs who laid down their lives in Kargil in Operation Vijay.
55. Priority allotment of soft coke/slack coke depot in Haryana.
56. Priority allotment of stalls (PCO) booth in transport Deptt.
*Note- Details may be obtained from Kendriya Sainik Board.