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Kendriya Sainik Board:
Concessions & Benefits : General
1. The Govt of Andhra Pradesh have reserved seats for admission of the children of ex-Servicemen and serving personnel in the various technical vocational courses at various institutions.*
2. Cash awards to winners of Gallantry Awards. (Appendix 'E')
3. Ex-Servicemen suffering from T.B. are treated at par with NGOs of the State for admission to Govt T.B. Medical Institutes. Also free medical treatment in Govt hospitals for ex-Servicemen.
4. Free legal assistance to ex-Servicemen and their dependents where the Govt is not a party. Request for legal assistance can be made to the concerned Distt. or Taluk Legal Aid Committee.
5. The State Govt have reserved 2-3 percent Houses under HIG/MIG/LIG and EWS Income Group Housing Schemes for serving personnel and ex-Servicemen.
6. The State has made a provision for providing interest subsidy to ex-Servicemen for self-employment ventures.
7. Every year 20 to 50 Ex-Servicemen and widows of ex-Servicemen are allotted Metal Bunks for self-employment ventures.
8. District Collectors are competent to sanction old age/widow's pension in deserving cases, including ex-Servicemen @ Rs.75/- p.m.
9. There are ten Sainik Rest Houses in Andhra Pradesh (Appendix `C').
10. War Jagir allowance by State @ Rs.150/- p.a. for one child and Rs.50/- p.a. for every additional child w.e.f. 19 Mar 94.
11. Ex-gratia grants to all ranks who are seriously disabled and are invalidated out of service - Rs.5,000/-.
12. 2 percent reservation in Group II-B and IV posts.
13. A stipend of Rs. 250/- p.m. from special fund for R&R of ESM for undergoing OJT.
14. Reservation of 5 percent of Industrial Plots/Sheds for ex-Servicemen.
15. Ex-Servicemen are given preference in allotment of Route/National Permits by State Transport Authorities.
16. Priority is given for allotment of auto-rickshaws.
17. Financial assistance to ex-Servicemen in distress.
18. Funeral expenses upto Rs.1,000/- in case of death of an ex-Serviceman. In case of death of widow or child of ex-Serviceman, Rs.750/- and Rs.500/- funeral grant being sanctioned respectively.
19. Marriage grant of Rs.1,500/- to daughters of widow of ex-Servicemen upto two daughters. Financial grant for Intercaste marriage Rs.3,000/- and widows re-marriage Rs.5,000/- is also given.
20. For self-employment schemes financial assistance being rendered through AP State Financial Corporation.
21. Ad-hoc grant of Rs.2,000/- towards self-employment in petty business.
22. Monthly maintenance grant, maximum Rs.100/- being sanctioned as relief towards maintenance to incapacitated ex-Servicemen/widows.
23. Maintenance grant of Rs.900/- p.m. to disabled ex-Servicemen undergoing training at QMTI.
24. Financial assistance of Rs.300/- p.m. to II World War Veterans, Rs 200/- for widows of WWII and Old Age Pension Rs. 75/- p.m.
25. 5 percent reservation in Fresh water Pond Culture, Fresh water fish seek production and Brakish water pond culture.
26. Exemption from examination fee for APPSC.
27. Re-imbursement of tuition and other fees levied by Govt. approved colleges/educational institutions. Grants of book/equipment allowance and re-imbursement of 60 percent of study tour expenses.
28. Exemption from property tax for one house/property of ex-Servicemen/their widows/serving personnel when it is occupied by the widow/ex-Serviceman and by the family in case of serving persons.
29. Govt of Andhra Pradesh has equated Defence Service Trades with Civil trades vide G.O. Ms. No.16, Dt 12 Apr 99 of Labour Employment & Training and Factories (Emp) Department.
War Widows/Dependents Of Those Killed/Disabled In War Including Casualties Of Op Pawan & Meghdoot
30. Cash grant Rs.5,000/- to dependents of those killed in action or war disabled ex-Servicemen discharge from service.
31. 2.5 acre of wet land and 5 acres of dry land.
32. Free education upto all levels.
33. 75 percent concession in bus fare.
34. Allotment of house/plot/house site 50/100 sq. yards and agriculture land.
35. Employment is provided on compassionate ground to the dependents.
36. Allotment of metal kiosks.
37. Grant to war widows for marriage of their daughter/s Rs.1,500/- per daughter upto two daughter.
38. Allotment of Oil/Kerosene/Gas Agencies.
Op Vijay
39. An amount of Rs 5.00 lakhs (Rupees Five lakhs) would be given to NOKs of Armed Forces Personnel killed in action in “OP VIJAY”.
40. Cash grant of Rs 1.00 lakh (Rupees One Lakh) to Armed Forces Personnel disabled in action.
41. One compassionate appointment to the dependent of Armed Forces personnel “Killed in action” / disabled in action is presently available .
42. Admission to the children of Defence Personnel Killed in Action / Disabled in Action in OP VIJAY into the A.P. Residential Schools, with fee (including boarding and lodging) exemption.
*Note- Details may be obtained from Kendriya Sainik Board.